Avenue Membership & Rewards program

Here is how it works:

  • 1. Create a membership account at http://www.avenuespaces.com/users/sign_in

  • 2. Submit photos and information pertaining to you and your space

  • 3. Once your account has been approved (the information you submitted is validated and correct), you will be given a unique promo code to track your referrals

  • 4. You will receive 5% commission on every item sold through your photo AND on any referral business

  • 5. Commission is paid CASH by email transfer or a bank transfer if you live outside of Canada when you click CASH OUT through your membership account (You need a min. of $1000 to cash out). If your image is approved and you live outside of Canada, we will need to collect some additional information from you so we can transfer funds to your bank account.

  • 6. You can also use your cash as a store credit and receive 10% discount on all Avenue products

  • 7. To receive referral commission, your contacts MUST enter YOUR unique promo code when checking out

  • 8. The promo code is also linked to your photo so we can track your commission on items purchased through the photo submitted

  • 9. Login to your membership account to track your earnings which will be updated every 2-4 weeks

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