Many of us have furniture that we have inherited or items that use to serve a purpose but no longer fit our new space and lifestyle. More than ever before with space at a premium it is important to make every bit of your space work for you. We also understand It’s hard to part with items that have been part of our everyday lives and selling furniture online can be time consuming and slightly daunting. Avenue Spaces wants to help make it easy with our second hand marketplace that we have set up to help find a new home for your much loved quality items.

Scratch & Dent

The journey furniture travels from manufacturer or supplier to your home can be a long one. From time to time during this process items can get damaged. Sadly when this happens many retailers online and offline due to the cost of delivering furniture will not repair or restock that item and it goes to landfill. We find this incredibly wasteful! We have set up our online marketplace, to help furniture and decor with minor imperfections caused by the bump and grind of delivery find a new home. If you have a tight budget, it may be worth exploring our scratch and dent treasures with your designer.


Avenue Spaces is committed to making people 100% satisfied with their purchase. Sometimes a piece isn’t the exact right fit or feel when it arrives. For us that is no problem, we are happy to exchange that item because we want you to be happy with your home. Most retailers will charge a restocking fee, delivery fee and will only take the return if the item is in its original packaging. We understand how unrealistic that can be. Our overstock market is for items that haven't been the perfect fit OR were mis-shipped items from suppliers. Brand new and never used a great way to save a bit of money on some great pieces without homes.