• Avenue Introduction

    Finding the right furniture to fit your space, style and budget is HARD! Endless shopping in retail shops or hunting online all the while worrying if it works together or if it’s going to fit in your life?

    Our homes should give us a sense of who we are and how we got there. They should also help us to get where we are going and help us to achieve what we want to be. Our homes are where we feel at ease, where we belong and should reflect the tastes and our joy.

    Let Avenue Spaces help you create your perfect home.


  • How are you different from a traditional designer?

    Unlike traditional designers, we DO NOT charge any design fees and make our money through furniture and décor. We also don’t get involved with renovations and managing contractors which means we can spent all of our time searching and selecting the best products in the market to bring exceptional quality at affordable prices.

  • How does your pricing work?

    We charge $99 to curate a package of furniture and décor for your online approval.

    We also charge $99 to measure your space only if you’re not able to provide us with photos and measurements of the space that needs to be furnished.

    Once we curate a package for you, you are under no obligation to purchase furniture from us and we will not charge you any more money.

    We have access to millions of products at wholesale prices and charge exactly the same as any online retailer per furniture and décor item. We do have a minimum $5000 order value which enables us to apply volume discounts, deliver and install fully furnished, designer spaces without charging design fees.

    Once your pieces have been approved, we take a 10% deposit to come and fit the pieces to your space and make any necessary changes (add/remove/modify pieces). When you’re happy, we take a final payment for all the items you need.

    Delivery is charged at 10% of the total order value for door delivery and 15% for installation and package removal. We can also recommend electricians and contractors to help you with artwork and lighting fixtures.

  • Who curates my design package?

    Over the past 10 years, our experienced design team have been building a database of quality products that work well together (pre-curated packages) based on style, location, budget, and lifestyle (function) and match you to a design based on your profile. Our inspiration for many of these pre-curated packages have come from award winning designs found online and in design magazines. We use this as a starting point for your furniture and décor package and modify pieces based on your individual needs, requirements and preferences which you get to approve online. Avenue works together as a team, brainstorming ideas to help you source and create the perfect home (so, you get many designers for the price of none!)

    You can also send us photos of your dream space and we will look for/match you to furniture and décor that fits your space, lifestyle and budget perfectly!! So, the designer is YOU (with a little inspirational help from the experts to ensure it all scales and balances properly).

  • Do you consult on paint colours, lighting, decor and flooring as well?

    YES! We can advise and source everything that isn’t part of a renovation (kitchens/bathrooms/wall removals) when we come to fit and measure your furniture selection to ensure everything works together perfectly!

  • How do I know the quality is any good?

    We back the quality of all our products which are also carried by major known retailers across North America. Most of our products come with a 1-3 year warranty. Your designer can go through each product with you in detail prior to your final payment. In most cases, we can refer you to a retailer that carries the brand or item we’re recommending.

  • What if you don’t carry the products I want OR IKEA has a good solution?

    We have access to millions of products and can usually find what you’re looking for or something very similar within our pricing model. However, if you have a particular product or brand in mind that we don’t carry, we charge a 15% finder’s fee ONLY if we can’t negotiate a designer discount with your preferred supplier. Alternatively, we simply leave this particular item out of our proposal for you to source on your own.

    In the case of IKEA, our design team may recommend an IKEA product for your space; however, you are responsible for the purchase and delivery (we do not charge for the design/recommendation)

  • Can I see the items before I buy them?

    To keep the quality high and price low, we order direct from the manufacture and don’t carry inventory.  Your designer will go through all the details including size and materials, make & manufacture of the items selected to make sure you’re perfectly happy before taking the final payment. If the items are in your area, we can usually set up a visit with the manufacture or retailer that carries the product.

  • How can I be sure that the furniture is going to fit?

    A site visit is included with all of our packages to ensure your curated room package fits perfectly. However, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring everything will fit. Be sure to measure doorways, hallways & ceilings and always measure twice!

  • What if I'm not happy with my furniture package?

    Our design and furnishing process involves a careful selection of pieces to best fit your space, style & budget based on what’s available in the market to ensure complete client satisfaction on every purchase.  Your only financial commitment is to pay $99 for a site measure (if required) and $99 for a curated package. You are under NO OBLIGATION to pay for pieces until you are completely happy with what has been recommended.

  • What is your return policy?

    Once the items are fitted by a designer and approved we will offer an exchange on larger items only (sofas and dining tables) within 7 days. We cannot offer a return or exchange on any custom made piece.

    Any damaged piece can be exchanged within 7 days from date of delivery date subject to inspection on arrival. In most cases during installation a representative will be there at delivery and resolved on the spot.

  • Do you offer a warranty?

    All of our suppliers offer a warranty to cover manufacture defects and will fix or replace the item. Most of our products come with a 1-3 year warranty

  • Is there anything that is not returnable?

    Mattresses, if they have been taken out of their plastic packaging, are not returnable.  However, Simmons makes beautiful, high end mattresses and we are 100% sure you will be happy with them.  We also cannot return custom upholstery; however, our designers will make sure you are comfortable with your choice before you order and include fabric samples on request with your purchase.

  • How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

    We will do our best to get you your furniture as soon as possible. The average delivery time is 4-12 weeks. However, if you have a specific delivery date in mind or deadline you need to meet, our designers can usually source from local suppliers to meet your timescales.

  • Can I buy individual pieces?

    Unfortunately not. For us to deliver exceptional quality at up to 50% off retail AND give you design services, we can only sell packaged solutions. You DO NOT have to buy ALL the items we’ve recommended for you but you do need to spend a minimum of $5000 to get our free design services and special pricing.

  • How do I pay for my order?

    You need to pay a deposit online for the initial measure and review. You will be able to add/delete or modify any product during this meeting. All room packages are paid for in full at your site measure by certified check, credit card or bank transfer.

  • Can I expedite my order?

    Our goal is to help you create your dream space as fast as possible, with ease and efficiency. If you’re in a hurry, please tell your designer who can recommend in-stock items from local suppliers that can be delivered ASAP.

  • Will you remove my old furniture?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to remove and dispose of your existing furniture. We can help you by making some recommendations as to what you might do with some of your old furniture, but we can’t take it away.

  • Will you assemble and arrange my pieces?

    Of course we will! Your designer will create the best layout and our delivery team can assemble and install your furnishings. Every package includes delivery to your door. If you’d like our team to assemble and arrange your pieces, you let us know and we’ll add this to your order. The charge for this service is 15% of the total order value.